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10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

Luzon being the 4th most populous island in the world, makes up about half the entire Philippines. There is no doubt that it offers countless natural wonders to explore in this nature-rich country. From the majestic Cordillera mountain ranges to the verdant rice terraces of Banaue, Luzon showcases a vibrant and abundant natural beauty. And along its shores, you’ll discover unspoiled beaches, secluded coves, and waters of crystal clarity. 

Planning a trip to Luzon’s beaches? This island boasts a plethora of breathtaking beach destinations. From powdery white sands or secluded coastal treasures, Luzon promises a diverse array of seaside retreats to suit every beach lover’s preference. Let’s dive in and explore the best beaches this beautiful island has to offer, so you can decide where to go for your next getaway. 

1. Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach + Top 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

Facing the Pacific Ocean, Sabang Beach is famous for its strong waves, making it ideal for surfing and other water sports almost all year round. Known as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines, it attracts numerous surfing enthusiasts annually. Hotels, resorts, and restaurants line the shoreline to accommodate the growing number of tourists.

Though Sabang Beach lacks the white sand of other beaches, its powerful waves and one of the best sunset views in the country make it a must-visit, especially for surfers.

2. Papaya Beach

Papaya Beach + 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

Papaya Beach in El Nido is a scenic destination celebrated for its crystal-clear waters and fine, powdery sand, perfect for snorkeling among diverse fish species. The beach features a coral reef, though it is noted to be good rather than exceptional. Amenities include a kiosk offering snacks and fresh coconuts, along with designated areas for volleyball and basketball. 

Limited parking is available due to designated swimming and snorkeling zones that restrict boat access, ensuring a quieter atmosphere when visitor numbers are low. Accessible via a 15-minute kayak journey from Corong Corong Beach, Papaya Beach offers a serene escape in El Nido.

3. Tondaligan Blue Beach

Tondaligan Blue Beach + 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

Tondaligan Blue Beach, located in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines, is a favored tourist spot known for its fine grey sands, clear waters, and expansive shoreline, offering a tranquil retreat for visitors. The beach is part of the 72-hectare Tondaligan People’s Park, showcasing the local government’s dedication to conserving and enriching its natural allure.

It also showcases its natural splendor, especially during sunset, when the sun paints breathtaking views across the horizon. The beach enhances visitor’s experience with amenities including cottages equipped with pump wells and electricity for comfortable stays. It also features simple kiosks and stalls offering cold drinks and grilled foods. For adventurous visitors, water rides like the banana boat provide additional excitement.

4. Saud Beach

Saud Beach + 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

Saud Beach, a renowned destination in the Philippines, boasts fine white sand and clear, calm waters perfect for swimming with gentle waves. It’s celebrated for stunning sunsets and offers a peaceful environment with ample space for leisurely walks. Natural attractions include a lighthouse, lagoon, waterfalls, and rock formations, along with nearby windmills. 

As a public beach, it features parking, cottages for rent, and dining options. Visitors are urged to keep the beach clean, respecting its thriving seaweed beds that shelter small fish, visible during diving and snorkeling. While reef observations suggest some decline possibly due to tidal shifts, the beach’s bright, soft sand and clear turquoise waters remain inviting throughout the day.

5. Banul Beach

Banul Beach + 10 Must-Visit Beaches in Luzon

Banul Beach is a beloved spot known for its pristine natural beauty, featuring fine white sand, clear calm waters, and striking rock formations accented by blooming kalachuchi flowers. It’s a safe haven for children to swim throughout the day, thanks to its gentle sea without large waves. Amenities include a beachside mini store for snacks and drinks, ideal for enjoying meals directly on the beach. 

Besides swimming, visitors can engage in activities like kayaking. Access to Banul Beach often involves a boat ride, with tour boats frequently ferrying visitors. While it can get busy during peak times, the beach clears out once tour boats depart, allowing for peaceful moments, scenic photography, and leisurely enjoyment of coconuts on the shore.

6. Patar Beach

Patar Beach

Patar Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan, is a renowned public beach celebrated for its stunning sunsets and soft, white sands. Despite being a five-hour drive from Manila, it’s hailed as one of the best white-sand beaches near the capital. The expansive shoreline offers plenty of room for activities like volleyball and frisbee, along with a refreshing swimming experience in the clear, blue waters of the Lingayen Gulf. As a public beach, entrance is free, and you only need to pay for nipa huts or camping if you stay overnight. There are also hotels and resorts nearby.

7. Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove, situated approximately 4 to 5 hours from Metro Manila, emerged after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Volcanic activity has transformed it from a rocky shore into a beach with white to grayish sand. The Agoho trees now adorn the cove, creating a serene and picturesque environment ideal for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

8. Anguib Beach

Anguib Beach

Anguib Beach, found in the Santa Ana region of the Philippines, presents a serene and picturesque environment with its fine white sands and clear, warm waters. Nestled amidst mangrove trees, this beach offers a tropical atmosphere and opportunities for activities like kayaking and snorkeling. While lacking direct facilities, visitors can seek accommodations in nearby Santa Ana town or at backpacker lodges along Nangaromoan Beach.

9. Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach in Batangas is an idyllic retreat ideal for beach enthusiasts and campers alike. With its ivory-white shore, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking rock formations, Masasa promises a mesmerizing experience. The beach also features numerous snorkeling spots where visitors can discover its vibrant marine life. Unlike well-known spots like Anilao and Nasugbu, Masasa remains undiscovered by many tourists, offering tranquility and seclusion to all who visit.

Masasa Beach is located on Tingloy Island, less than an hour from Anilao Port. Its waters are rich in marine life due to its close proximity to the Verde Island Passage, the most biodiverse area in the Coral Triangle and considered the world’s marine biodiversity center.

10. Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach near El Nido features an expansive stretch of fine white and gold sand, clear waters, and gentle waves ideal for swimming and leisurely walks. While visitors love its beauty, they should be mindful of biting insects and bring insect repellent. The beach offers limited accommodations and various dining options, though cleanliness can vary, with occasional reports of litter. 

Accessible via a mostly concrete road from El Nido, with a few rough patches near the beach, navigating the final stretch can be challenging, prompting some to use the beach as a road. Best accessed by motorbike, Nacpan Beach is quieter during off-peak times like mid-October, allowing for serene sunsets and activities such as sailing on a Paraw boat, volleyball, and mingling with locals and tourists alike.

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Final Thoughts

Luzon is truly home to stunning beaches with unique attractions. When you explore Luzon’s beaches, prepare to encounter the vibrant flora and fauna thriving in this tropical paradise. From vivid corals to diverse marine life, the underwater scenery is truly mesmerizing. Snorkelers and divers will marvel at Luzon’s rich biodiversity.

For those seeking adventure, Luzon provides an abundance of water sports and activities. Whether you prefer paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skiing, or banana boating, there are plenty of thrilling options to enjoy in the warm, turquoise waters. Make the most of your beach getaway with these exhilarating experiences!


What is the closest beautiful beach to Manila?

Anilao, just over 60 miles from Manila, is the closest beach to the city and a top choice for day-trippers seeking island-style luxury. Similar to Subic, Anilao is renowned for its dive sites, featuring world-class wrecks at Devils Point, Twin Rocks, and Secret Bay.

What beach is the most popular in the Philippines that known for its white sand?

Boracay is often the first name that comes to mind for Philippine beaches. It is a small island famed for its stunning White Beach. With its powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters, it’s an ideal spot for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports.

Where is the clearest water in the Philippines?

El Nido’s beaches feature some of the clearest waters in the Philippines. Famed for its limestone cliffs, hidden lagoons, and diverse marine life.

What is the pink beach in the Philippines?

Visit Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga City, Philippines—a unique island destination to check off your bucket list. The island boasts fine pink sand that mirrors the color of pink sea corals.


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