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5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

In the middle of the Philippines is a beautiful place called Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It’s famous for its pretty views, clear water, and colorful fish. People from everywhere come here for a break. To have the best time, you need to pick the 5-Star Hotels in Palawan. We made a list of the best hotels in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, to help you have an amazing stay.

Puerto Princesa: A Tropical Escape

Puerto Princesa: A Tropical Escape + 5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Tucked away on Palawan’s west side, Puerto Princesa invites travelers with its beautiful beaches, lush forests, and lively marine life. It’s called the “City in a Forest” because it’s surrounded by nature. As you explore, you’ll find many amazing things to see and do that will make you love this city even more.

10 Exquisite Hotel and Resort Selections in Puerto Princesa

10 Exquisite Hotel and Resort Selections in Puerto Princesa + 5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

The idyllic destination is a tropical paradise situated in the Philippines, celebrated for its remarkable natural beauty, dense lush landscapes, and immaculate beaches. Your choice of accommodation plays a pivotal role in crafting this enchanting experience, ensuring that your journey into the heart of Puerto Princesa is nothing short of magical.

1. Astoria Palawan

Astoria Palawan + 5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

In a beautiful green area, Astoria Palawan is a fancy and peaceful 5-Star Hotels in Palawan. It has big rooms and great service, giving you a top-notch experience. You can see amazing views of the Sulu Sea, enjoy many pools, and relax on a private beach. It’s perfect for couples on honeymoon or families looking for fun.

2. Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa

Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa + 5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

For a tropical paradise experience, Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa is an excellent choice. This eco-friendly resort offers a variety of accommodations, from cozy rooms to spacious villas. The lush gardens, multiple pools, and a spa ensure a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

3. Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa

Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa + 5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Situated along Sabang Beach, Sheridan Beach Resort & Spa provides an ideal base for exploring the Underground River and one of the best 5-Star Hotels in Palawan. The resort offers comfortable rooms with stunning sea views, as well as an impressive array of activities and amenities. Whether you’re a nature lover or seeking a romantic escape, this resort has it all.

4. Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa

Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa + 5-Star Hotels in Palawan, Puerto Princesa

Escape to the private paradise of Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa. Located on Arreceffi Island, this resort is a true gem for those seeking serenity. Overwater bungalows, water sports, and crystal-clear waters make it a haven for water enthusiasts. Its proximity to snorkeling and diving spots is a major draw for underwater adventurers.

5. Canvas Boutique Hotel

Canvas Boutique Hotel

For those looking for a boutique hotel experience, Canvas Boutique Hotel offers a unique and artistic ambiance. Each room is designed with creativity in mind, and the hotel’s dedication to sustainable practices makes it a standout choice for environmentally-conscious travelers.

6. Hotel Centro

Hotel Centro

One of the 5-Star Hotels in Palawan is the Hotel Centro, it is a chic and modern option located in the heart of Puerto Princesa. It’s ideal for travelers who want easy access to the city’s vibrant culture, shopping, and dining. The hotel offers comfortable rooms, a pool, and a restaurant serving delicious local and international dishes.

7. Blue Palawan Beach Club

Blue Palawan Beach Club

If you’re seeking a beachfront paradise with a fun and social atmosphere, Blue Palawan Beach Club is a top pick. This unique beach club offers a range of accommodations, from dormitory-style rooms to private villas. The social vibe, exciting water activities, and stunning sunsets make it a favorite among young travelers.

8. Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa

Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa

For a comfortable stay without breaking the bank, Microtel by Wyndham Puerto Princesa is an excellent choice for a 5-Star Hotels in Palawan. With clean and cozy rooms, this hotel provides a convenient and budget-friendly option for travelers. It’s situated near the airport and offers easy access to city attractions.

9. Paboreal Boutique Hotel

Paboreal Boutique Hotel

Paboreal Boutique Hotel is a hidden gem in Puerto Princesa, known for its serene atmosphere and personalized service. It’s a small boutique hotel with uniquely designed rooms, a tranquil garden, and a restaurant offering delectable local and international cuisine. If you’re looking for a quiet and intimate escape, this is the place to consider.

10. Panja Resort Palawan

Panja Resort Palawan

Panja Resort Palawan offers a blend of luxury and comfort. With spacious rooms, a beautiful pool, and a restaurant that serves mouthwatering dishes, it’s perfect for those who seek relaxation and a touch of elegance. The resort is nestled in a quiet area, providing a peaceful retreat.

4 Insider Tips for Your Puerto Princesa, Palawan Adventure

4 Insider Tips for Your Puerto Princesa, Palawan Adventure

Planning a trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Princesa, Palawan? This tropical paradise in the Philippines offers a unique blend of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural experiences. To make the most of your visit, we’ve put together four insider tips that will help you have an unforgettable adventure.

1. Book Accommodations in Advance

Puerto Princesa’s popularity is well-deserved, thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and attractions. To secure your preferred hotel or resort, especially during the peak tourist season from November to May, it’s highly advisable to book in advance. This ensures a comfortable stay, potential savings through early booking discounts, and a stress-free trip, allowing you to fully enjoy your vacation.

2. Arrange Transportation from the Airport

Upon arrival at Puerto Princesa International Airport, your top priority is getting to your hotel without any hassles. Luckily, many local hotels and resorts provide airport transfer services or shuttles. These services not only save you time and energy but also ensure a seamless start to your trip. To make the most of this convenience, be sure to inquire with your chosen accommodation and arrange your transfer in advance. This simple detail can greatly enhance your travel experience.

3. Consider Eco-Friendly Stays

Palawan is known for its dedication to eco-friendly practices. If you’re an environmentally-conscious traveler, you’ll find many eco-friendly hotels and resorts in Puerto Princesa. These places focus on responsible tourism and eco-initiatives, minimizing their impact on the local environment. Opting for an eco-friendly stay not only reduces your carbon footprint but also supports conservation efforts in this ecologically significant region, perfectly aligning with the area’s natural beauty.

4. Explore Exciting Activities

Apart from your comfortable accommodation, expect a thrilling Puerto Princesa adventure. Numerous local hotels and resorts provide tours and activities to must-visit spots like the Underground River, Honda Bay, and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Make the most of these services to simplify your trip planning and gain local insights that enhance your visit. Whether it’s island hopping, snorkeling, or exploring the wonders of the Underground River, these activities ensure you fully enjoy this captivating destination.

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Final Thoughts

When planning your visit to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, your choice of accommodation can greatly influence the overall experience. Whether you’re drawn to luxurious resorts or eco-friendly getaways, the options in this guide cater to a range of preferences. With so much natural beauty and adventure awaiting you, make sure to choose the perfect hotel or resort to complete your tropical escape in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Your dream vacation begins with the right choice of accommodation.


Which is better, Coron or Puerto Princesa?

Coron is a nature lover’s paradise with limestone formations, pristine lakes, and excellent diving. In contrast, Puerto Princesa offers urban comforts, accessibility to the Underground River, and diverse accommodations. Choose Coron for a serene nature-focused getaway, or opt for Puerto Princesa if you seek a mix of adventure and city conveniences.

Which one is better, Puerto Princesa or El Nido, Palawan?

Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital, combines city life with the UNESCO-listed Underground River and a vibrant culinary scene. Your choice depends on your preferences; El Nido suits beach enthusiasts, while Puerto Princesa offers a blend of natural wonders and city amenities.

Is it worth staying in Puerto Princesa?

Yes, staying in Puerto Princesa is definitely worth it. The city offers a wide range of accommodations, from budget-friendly to luxurious, making it suitable for various travelers. Puerto Princesa also has a vibrant culinary scene, a bustling local market, and cultural attractions, ensuring a fulfilling experience for visitors.

What is Puerto Princesa famous for?

Puerto Princesa is renowned for its captivating attractions:

The Underground River 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and New7Wonders of Nature, this subterranean river features remarkable rock formations and unique biodiversity.


The city emphasizes eco-friendly and sustainable tourism, offering nature enthusiasts environmentally conscious experiences.

Culinary Delights

Puerto Princesa offers a diverse culinary scene, with opportunities to savor local delicacies, including the famous Tamilok, a woodworm dish.

Iwahig Firefly Watching

Nighttime tours along the Iwahig River provide a mesmerizing view of fireflies, creating a must-see experience.

Vibrant Cultural Scene 

The city hosts various festivals and cultural traditions, allowing visitors to engage with the warm and welcoming local community.

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