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Experience Palawan 10-Day One Life Adventure

Experience Palawan: 10-Day One Life Adventure

One Life Philippines is all about having fun experiences with a group of people who like excitement. The Philippines has really nice beaches and beautiful islands. The people are friendly, and the culture is interesting. We’ll take you to the best parts of the Palawan islands, which not many tourists visit. You’ll go through jungles and cities, see the Puerto Princesa Underground River, watch the sunrise from a private beach camp, travel between islands on a private boat, pick coconuts, snorkel among the starfish, and do a lot more fun things!

Day 1 Manila

Day 1 Manila + Experience Palawan: 10-Day One Life Adventure

You can come anytime on the first day, and your guide will be there at the airport to meet you. Then, you’ll go through the crowded streets of a very busy city in Asia to get to where you’ll stay.

Once you’re settled, you’ll meet everyone else in the group! If you come earlier in the day, you can wander around the city and buy things you need. At night, we’ll all have dinner and drinks together to become part of the One Life family.

Day 2 Puerto Princesa

Day 2 Puerto Princesa + Experience Palawan: 10-Day One Life Adventure

Get set for Palawan! Today, we take a short plane ride to the southern part of the Palawan Islands. After we settle into our guest house, we’ll go to the Iwahig Prison.

It’s a special place with no walls where prisoners run things, and they even have their own mayor! We’ll meet some prisoners, talk with them, and hear their stories. Afterwards, we can chill by the pool, have 2 for 1 drinks, and then share a yummy traditional Filipino dinner together.

Day 3 Underground River & Port Barton

Day 3 Underground River & Port Barton + Experience Palawan: 10-Day One Life Adventure

After a quick breakfast, we head to the famous Underground River. We ride a boat through the cool caves of the underground river. Later in the day, we go from Puerto Princesa to the pretty fishing village of Port Barton.

You’ll love it here, and it gets even better! Spend your evening chilling with fresh coconuts on the sandy beaches, listening to island music. The place we stay is simple but cozy, right by the beach.

Day 4 and 5 – Island camping with the locals

Day 4 and 5 - Island camping with the locals + Experience Palawan: 10-Day One Life Adventure

Come aboard our special One Life boat for some island hopping, and we’ll end up at our own tropical island beach camp. It’s not like any other camp; we made it just for you, with hammocks, volleyball nets, and even a treehouse! Tucked away on a quiet beach, the camp has everything we need.

Swim with turtles, explore the island, or join our beach games with some cold beers. This is your chance to really experience island life. Our boat lets us explore nearby islands and see how the local communities live. In the evening, we gather around a fire at our makeshift beach “bar” to watch the amazing sunset this area is famous for.

Pretty cool, huh? For those who love adventure, on the second day, we’ll visit a secret rainforest waterfall for a refreshing swim to wash off all the sand and salt. And don’t worry about food; our guides will catch fish while we explore and cook up delicious meals for us! If everything’s good, we might even visit a small school on a nearby island to meet the kids and learn about life in remote areas of the Philippines.

Day 6 Bound for El Nido

Day 6 Bound for El Nido + Experience Palawan: 10-Day One Life Adventure

In the morning, we all get on a bus and go to El Nido! When we arrive, you’ll see why Palawan is called the most beautiful group of islands in the world. El Nido is like a hidden paradise surrounded by islands and cliffs, and we’re lucky to be here.

Once you’ve stopped being amazed by the views, we’ll go to the coolest hostel in Palawan. It’s special for One Life and looks more like a fancy hotel than a regular backpacker spot! Get comfortable, and in the evening, we’ll go to one of our favorite beach bars for food and fun.

Day 7 Cultural experiences and zip line at Las Cabanas

Day 7 Cultural experiences and zip line at Las Cabanas

Get ready to explore the special Filipino culture! We’ll take a short walk through the jungle to see the plants and animals that live there. Then, we’ll get to our special jungle hut for a day full of fun.

Today, we’ll do lots of things like cooking traditional Filipino food, climbing coconut trees, trying out Filipino stick fighting, shaving coconuts, learning Filipino dances and games, weaving with coconut leaves, and more.

After that, you can choose to go on a zip-line and then relax at the beautiful Las Cabanas Beach. It’s an exciting adventure where you’ll fly between two islands over the ocean, followed by a chill day you’ll always remember!

Day 8 Island Hopping

Day 8 Island Hopping

Today is all about doing what El Nido is famous for – island hopping! We’ll go out on a boat to enjoy the beautiful green waters, snorkel around awesome reefs, and look for cool animals. On the boat, we’ll have music, comfy spots to hang out, and a yummy buffet with the best seafood.

Before we go back to El Nido, take some pictures of yourself doing a backflip off the boat with the sunset behind you, or just relax on deck and listen to the music. It’s a chance to have one of those really nice moments with your One Life friends.

Day 9 El Nido town!

Day 9 El Nido town!

In the morning, we walk up to the top of one of the cliffs near El Nido bay to see the awesome views! After the walk, we think you’ll want some time to relax. So, we’ll give you a really nice full body massage to help your tired muscles feel better. Today, just take it easy and enjoy where you are, or go check out nearby places. You can ask your guide for good places to go, or find them by yourself!

Day 10 Good Bye!

Day 10 Good Bye!

Sadly, good things don’t last forever! You can take a flight back to Manila from a small airport in El Nido. It might be a bit more expensive, but it saves you from going back to Puerto Princesa for your flight. You can book your flight on the Air Swift website.

But, if you’re going to Puerto Princesa, remember it’ll take about 5.5 hours to get from our last stop to the Puerto Princesa airport. To make sure you don’t miss your flight, we suggest booking a flight from Puerto Princesa after 3 PM.

We’re an adventure tour company that packs more into our trips than anyone else. We’re committed to showing our guests the most beautiful and untouched parts of Palawan. Sometimes, the places we visit might have limited or simple facilities, like in Port Barton. But, just take it as part of the adventure!

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Final Thoughts

The Philippines One Life Adventures – 10 Days gives adventurers a thrilling trip for those looking for special experiences in the Philippines. From discovering Palawan’s beautiful islands to learning about Filipino culture, this tour guarantees amazing times.

With places to stay, travel, and things to do all sorted out, guests can chill out and enjoy every bit of their adventure. Come along to explore the wonders of Palawan and make memories you’ll never forget!


What makes One Life Philippines different from other tours?

One Life Philippines is all about fun experiences with a group of adventurous people. We explore the best parts of Palawan, known for its stunning beaches and friendly locals. Our itinerary includes exciting activities like jungle hikes, island hopping, and cultural experiences, ensuring unforgettable memories!

How do I join the tour?

To join the adventure, simply book your spot on our website. Once you’ve booked, you can arrive at any time on the first day, and our guide will be there to welcome you at the airport. From there, we’ll embark on an exciting journey through the Philippines together.

What should I expect in terms of accommodations and activities?

Throughout the 10-day tour, we provide comfortable accommodations, transportation, and a variety of activities. Whether it’s relaxing on pristine beaches, exploring lush jungles, or experiencing local culture, there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to ensure you have a fantastic time and create lasting memories.

How do I prepare for departure on the final day of the tour?

On the last day, you have the option to catch a flight back to Manila from El Nido’s small airport. Alternatively, if you’re heading to Puerto Princesa, keep in mind the journey takes about 5.5 hours. We recommend booking a flight from Puerto Princesa after 3 PM to ensure you don’t miss your flight. As we conclude our adventure, we hope you cherish the experiences and connections made during your time with us.

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