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Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

The rise of social media has led to 37% of American adults experiencing what is known as FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out.” Influencers often inundate your social media feeds with posts showcasing their lifestyles and endorsing various products. By reacting to these posts, you inadvertently influence your social media algorithm to show more similar content, perpetuating a cycle of FOMO.

As a result, many individuals have succumbed to materialistic tendencies. How concerning is this trend, and what steps can be taken to steer clear of materialism’s pitfalls?

It’s easy to get carried away wanting to own more and more stuff. Advertisements constantly tell us that buying the latest gadgets, trendy clothes, and new toys will make us happy. But deep down, many of us want something more than just stuff. We want things that are more meaningful.

That’s where valuing experiences over possessions comes in. What does that mean? It means choosing to spend our time and money on things that make us happy and help us grow, rather than just buying more things. It’s about cherishing memories, relationships, and personal development more than just buying stuff.

So, how do we stop ourselves from getting too focused on buying things and start living more for experiences? Let’s look at some ways we can do that.

Establishing Important Goals

Establishing Important Goals + Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

Instead of focusing on getting things, concentrate on setting important goals that match what you care about. These goals could involve personal growth, learning new things, exploring new places, or supporting causes you believe in. Working toward these goals gives you a sense of purpose and satisfaction that objects can’t provide.

When you set goals that reflect your values and what matters most to you, you start a journey of learning about yourself and growing continually. Whether it’s learning a new skill, gaining knowledge, or experiencing different cultures through travel, these experiences form the basis for a meaningful and satisfying life.

Exploring New Things & Seeking Adventures

Exploring New Things & Seeking Adventures + Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

When you focus on experiences, you get the chance to try new and exciting things. Step out of your comfort zone, visit new places, try different activities, and welcome new experiences. Look for challenges that inspire you and help you grow. These adventures will have a lasting impact on your life, more so than material things.

When you try new things, you grow as a person. Each new experience lets you learn more about yourself and discover hidden strengths and interests. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, going on a spontaneous trip, or trying something daring, there are endless possibilities.

Remember, life is for living fully, which often means trying new things and taking risks. These experiences become an important part of your life, creating cherished memories and personal accomplishments. Memories of facing fears, experiencing different cultures, and pushing your limits will stay with you for years to come.

Embrace the Concept of Minimalism

Embrace the Concept of Minimalism + Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

Minimalism is not merely a trend but rather a deliberate and mindful way of living that prioritizes owning and utilizing only the essentials that authentically enhance your quality of life. By consciously organizing and decluttering your physical space, you not only create ample room for meaningful experiences but also cultivate a sense of clarity and focus.

This intentional approach helps to curb the inclination towards unnecessary possessions, thereby freeing up mental and physical energy for what truly matters. Embrace the guiding principle of “less is more” and deliberately surround yourself solely with those items that deeply resonate with your values and aspirations. By doing so, you can foster a purposeful and fulfilling existence marked by simplicity, contentment, and meaningful connections.”

Develop Mindfulness

Develop Mindfulness + Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

Practicing mindfulness helps us fully engage in the present moment, enjoying and cherishing the experiences we encounter. Being fully aware of the here and now allows us to notice the beauty and depth of our surroundings, the people we interact with, and the moments we live through. You can develop mindfulness by trying activities like meditation, focusing on your breathing, and consciously directing your attention to what’s happening right now.

One effective way to develop mindfulness is through meditation. It lets us quiet the distractions around us and turn our focus inward, where we can connect with our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. Through mindful breathing, we ground ourselves in the present moment, finding peace and calm within.

Adopt Mindful Consumption

Adopt Mindful Consumption + Steering Clear of Materialism: Putting Experiences Before Things

Choosing experiences over material possessions doesn’t mean avoiding buying things altogether. Instead, it means being mindful about what you purchase. Before buying something, consider whether it fits with your values and if it will genuinely improve your life. Think about its environmental impact, how long you’ll use it, and whether it fits your future plans.

Ask yourself questions such as: Does this item contribute to my well-being and happiness? Will it be useful in the long run? Reflect on how the purchase fits into your long-term goals. By carefully considering your purchases, you can make decisions that align with your values and have a positive impact on your life.

Define Your Values and Priorities

Define Your Values and Priorities

To prioritize experiences over possessions, start by understanding your values and priorities. Take time to reflect on what’s truly important to you in life. Is it strong relationships, personal growth, excitement, or making a positive difference? Once you’re clear on your values, you can make decisions and take actions that match them.

By defining your values and priorities, you set a strong foundation for living with purpose and satisfaction. You’ll be better equipped to make choices that resonate with what truly matters to you. So, begin by exploring your thoughts and feelings, and open the door to a life filled with meaningful experiences that will leave a lasting impact

Build Meaningful Relationships

Build Meaningful Relationships

Building strong relationships is key when you want experiences to matter more than stuff. Focus on connecting deeply with family, friends, and loved ones. Spend time together doing things that bring you closer and create lasting memories. Remember, it’s not how much stuff you have, but the quality of your relationships that truly brings happiness.

In a world that often stresses about money and success, it’s vital to remember that our relationships are what really count. Investing time and effort into these connections gives us a sense of belonging, love, and support that no possession can match.

Think about what moments make you happiest. It’s usually the laughs with friends, heart-to-heart talks with family, and adventures shared together that mean the most. These are the experiences that shape us and stay with us forever.

Change Your View on Happiness

Change Your View on Happiness

While material things might make you happy for a moment, their effect doesn’t last. Real, lasting happiness comes from meaningful experiences and connecting with others. It’s time to see happiness differently and understand that it comes from inside, growing when we connect with others, grow personally, and try new things.

Consider this: when was the last time buying something made you truly happy for a long time? It might have felt good at first, but its value probably faded over time.

When we stop focusing on getting more stuff, we can find happiness in experiences. It’s about spending time with people we care about, making memories, and trying new things. It’s about growing as a person and exploring what life has to offer. These are the things that bring real happiness that lasts.

Make a Life List

Make a Life List

A life list is a useful tool for focusing on experiences rather than things. It’s a list of adventures, goals, and experiences you want to have in your lifetime. Making a life list helps you figure out what experiences are most important to you. It reminds you of what makes you happy and motivates you to go after those experiences.

It’s a way to take care of yourself and feel empowered. It shows you that life isn’t just about owning stuff, but about making memories and having stories to tell. It encourages you to break away from thinking only about possessions and enjoy the richness of experiences that money can’t buy.

Practice Thankfulness

Practice Thankfulness

Being thankful is a strong way to counteract wanting more things. Take time to be thankful for the experiences, people, and moments that make your life better. By being thankful, you shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do, which helps you feel satisfied and happy.

Think about the small things that often go unnoticed, like a friend’s kindness, the beauty of nature, or simple joys that make your day better. Thankfulness lets you fully enjoy these good things and realize how valuable they are to you.

When you practice thankfulness, you learn that happiness doesn’t come from having lots of stuff, but from having rich experiences and close relationships with others. By recognizing and expressing thanks for these good things, you deepen your enjoyment of the present and improve how you feel overall.

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Final Thougths

By incorporating these strategies into our lives, we can gradually shift our focus from material possessions to experiences that truly enrich our lives. Remember, the true value lies not in what we own, but in the moments we create, the connections we forge, and the growth we experience.

Embrace the power of prioritizing experiences over possessions, and watch as your life becomes richer, more fulfilling, and filled with memories that will last a lifetime. This shift in perspective can lead to a deeper sense of contentment and a greater appreciation for the meaningful moments in life, ultimately enhancing our overall well-being and happiness.


What is FOMO, and how does it contribute to materialistic tendencies?

FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out,” affects 37% of American adults due to social media influences showcasing lifestyles and products. Reacting to these posts reinforces the cycle of FOMO, leading to increased materialistic desires.

How does valuing experiences over possessions combat materialism?

Valuing experiences means prioritizing activities that bring happiness and personal growth over acquiring more stuff. This mindset fosters deeper connections, cherishes memories, and emphasizes personal development.

How can mindfulness help in steering away from materialistic tendencies?

Practicing mindfulness enables us to fully engage in the present moment, appreciating experiences and relationships. By being mindful, we shift our focus from acquiring possessions to enjoying life’s richness.

Why is establishing important goals crucial in steering clear of materialism?

Setting goals aligned with personal values fosters purpose and satisfaction beyond material possessions. By focusing on growth, learning, and contributing to causes, individuals cultivate a sense of fulfillment that transcends materialistic desires.

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