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Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines

Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines

The Philippines, comprising over 7,000 islands, boasts a breathtaking landscape that draws outdoor enthusiasts from across the world. Within this diverse environment lie magnificent mountains, each showcasing the splendor of Philippine peaks. These towering summits provide breathtaking views and exciting trails, attracting both experienced hikers and beginners seeking adventure. If you’re a true nature lover or passionate trekker, adding the top 10 mountains in the Philippines to your 2023 bucket list is a must.

Mountains in the Philippines

In the Philippines, “mountain” usually means the different groups of mountains and single peaks scattered throughout the islands. These mountains, some active and some dormant volcanoes, attract both experienced climbers and beginners. Each one shows how nature changes over time. Climbing these peaks isn’t just about going up; it’s also about discovering more about yourself and the world around you. And for those who listen to the mountains’ call, there are many rewards waiting.

Mount Amuyao

Tucked between Ifugao and Mountain Province, Mount Amuyao stands out as one of the Philippines’ most beautiful peaks. Even though it’s ranked tenth among the country’s mountains, its height is just a small part of what makes it so appealing.

Mount Amuyao + Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines

Mount Amuyao’s paths wind through thick forests and rolling landscapes, giving hikers a varied experience. As you go up, the scenery changes from dense trees to wide-open areas, showing off wide views of the Cordillera region. These views include valleys, rivers, and nearby peaks, making the mountain a sight to behold.

But Mount Amuyao isn’t just about nature. It’s also important to the local culture. The trails followed by modern explorers reflect the history and customs of the indigenous people who have lived in these mountains for a long time. You can see stone-walled rice fields from certain spots, reminding hikers of how people and nature have worked together in this area for years.

Mount Tabayoc

Snuggled in the Cordillera Central mountain range in Luzon, Mount Tabayoc shows how impressive Philippine mountains can be. Being the sixth tallest in the country, it offers hikers an amazing view of the stunning scenery around it.

Mount Tabayoc + Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines 

Climbing Mount Tabayoc has its tough parts, but these challenges make the journey exciting and very rewarding. Every twist and turn of the trail pushes hikers, testing their determination, but the amazing views from the top make it all worth it. In the beautiful mix of mountains in the Philippines, Mount Tabayoc stands out, giving adventurers a chance to climb and experience nature’s breathtaking beauty up close.

For those who are excited to take on the challenge and see the stunning views, climbing this mountain is a definite must. Basically, Mount Tabayoc captures the essence of mountain adventures in the Philippines, mixing the excitement of climbing with nature’s amazing charm.

Mount Dulang-Dulang

Mount Dulang-Dulang, found in Bukidnon, is the second tallest mountain in the Philippines. It’s part of the famous Kitanglad Mountain Range, which is not just known for its height but also for protecting cultural heritage and many different kinds of animals.

Mt. Dulang-Dulang + Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines

In this setting, there’s a lot of history, with every rock and path telling stories from long ago. Mount Dulang-Dulang’s winding and tough trails are perfect for experienced hikers who want real excitement and challenging climbs. These paths are physically tough and put hikers right in the middle of nature’s wonders and stories from the past.

As you climb, you’ll hear birds singing, leaves rustling, and animals in the distance, reminding you of the lively world around you. Climbing Mount Dulang-Dulang is all about reaching high up and feeling connected to nature and the history of the Philippines.

Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag, found in the middle of Luzon, is one of the top mountains in the Philippines. It’s famous for its stunning view of clouds below, making it look like the sky is touching the ground. Being the third tallest mountain in the Philippines, it attracts all kinds of people, from experienced climbers to beginners trying out hiking.

Mount Pulag + Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines

The beautiful clouds create a peaceful and amazing view that’s hard to find anywhere else. The Ambangeg Trail is great for people who aren’t used to climbing mountains because it’s easy to follow. It’s made to be accessible, so even beginners can enjoy the climb without feeling too scared.

Mount Pulag is one of the best mountains in the Philippines because it combines adventure with ease. It’s a symbol of the different and stunning mountains you can find in the Philippines.

Mount Kitanglad

In the list of amazing mountains in the Philippines, Mount Kitanglad stands out as a special one. It’s part of the famous Kitanglad Mountain Range and is the fourth tallest mountain in the country. Mount Kitanglad, a volcano that’s not active anymore, towers over the Mindanao landscape, giving climbers a tough but rewarding climb.

 Mount Kitanglad + Top 10 Best Mountains in the Philippines

People who go on this trek get to see an amazing view that’s like a colorful painting in the sky. Along the way, hikers see many different kinds of plants and animals that only live there, making the mountain’s ecosystem very diverse.

As trekkers keep going up, they see how important mountains are for the environment in the Philippines. Mount Kitanglad guarantees a trip through one of the most loved landscapes, which you won’t forget.

Mount Apo

This mountain in the middle of Mindanao, is the tallest mountain in the Philippines. It attracts hikers from everywhere. Climbing this volcano is tough, but it lets you see the country’s special plants and animals, making it a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Mt. Apo + Mountain in the Philippines

Exploring its trails gives you a thrilling climb and a chance to see plants you won’t find anywhere else, making it a unique adventure. One of the best ways to go is the Kapatagan Trail, which lots of outdoor fans like. It shows off all the different beautiful parts of this mountain.

Every step you take shows you a new part of nature, making the climb always interesting. Mount Apo’s mix of excitement and natural beauty makes it a place you have to visit if you want to see the wild side of the Philippines.

Mount Kalatungan

In the Kitanglad Mountain Range, there’s a famous mountain called Mount Kalatungan. It’s one of the top mountains in the Philippines, standing proudly alongside Mount Kitanglad as part of the range’s three main peaks.

Mount Kalatungan

Sometimes called “Mount Catatungan,” this mountain has rough terrain and challenging paths that even experienced adventurers find tough. But it’s not just about the thrill of climbing; it’s also full of amazing nature. People who love nature will be excited to see all the different plants and animals here, each with its own story adding to the beauty of the mountain. The sights and sounds you experience here show just how beautiful the mountains in the Philippines are.

Basically, Mount Kalatungan shows off the different terrains and wildlife you can find in the Philippines, making it a must-visit for anyone who wants to truly understand and experience the country’s mountain wonders.

Mount Kalawitan

Mount Kalawitan in Palawan is a special mountain among the grand ones in the Philippines. It’s like a hidden treasure, great for people who want to explore places that aren’t as popular. Even though it’s the seventh tallest mountain in the country, it still shows off its beautiful and untouched nature.

Mt. Kalawitan

Mount Kalawitan is a haven for many different animals that you can only find there. Every step you take on its trails shows you a part of the Philippines’ diverse wildlife, making you feel like you’re hearing nature’s beautiful song. If you’re someone who loves adventure and wants to get away from busy places to be alone with nature, Mount Kalawitan is the perfect spot. Its peaceful trails let you explore and feel connected to the environment in a special way.

Out of all the mountains in the Philippines, Mount Kalawitan is calling for true adventurers. It promises a hiking experience like no other, where you can discover and appreciate nature’s amazing surprises.

Mount Ragang

Mount Ragang, found in Lanao del Sur, is a unique mountain in the Philippines. Along with Mount Piapayungan, it’s one of the top mountains, ranking eighth in the country. What’s even more interesting is that it’s an active volcano, making it an exciting challenge for adventurous climbers.

Mount Ragang

Climbing this mountain is more than just reaching the top. It’s a deep journey into the amazing things nature has to offer, showing off the diverse landscapes of the Philippines. Every step you take on this mountain lets you see the pure and untouched beauty of the natural world. Mount Ragang isn’t just about its height and being a volcano; it represents what makes the mountains in the Philippines so special and fascinating.

For adventurers, climbing it is a tough challenge and a chance to be surrounded by the stunning views that the Philippines is known for. Mount Ragang encourages climbers to push themselves and get lost in the breathtaking scenery all around them.

Mount Maagnaw

In the beautiful landscapes of the Bicol Region, Mount Maagnaw is the ninth tallest mountain in the Philippines. Even though there are taller mountains, Mount Maagnaw is still incredibly beautiful and attracts adventurers.

Mount Maagnaw 

The trails on Mount Maagnaw aren’t just paths through nature; they lead to stunning views and amazing landscapes that hikers will love. And it’s not just about hiking; it’s also a chance to learn about the local culture. As you climb, you’ll see how connected the community is to the land and their traditions.

In the big picture of mountains in the Philippines, Mount Maagnaw might not be the tallest. But it shows off the different experiences and rich culture you can find in the country’s mountains. If you want to see both natural beauty and learn about local culture, Mount Maagnaw is the place to go.

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Final Thoughts

In 2023, the Philippines’ top 10 best mountains have something for everyone who loves the outdoors. Whether it’s the tough trails of Mount Apo or the secluded beauty of Mount Kalawitan, each mountain has its own special appeal. As you get ready for your next adventure, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to see the stunning views and experience the rich variety of plants and animals on these mountains. Get your boots on, pack your bag, and get ready for an amazing journey through the Philippines’ incredible peaks!


Why are the mountains in the Philippines considered attractive for outdoor enthusiasts?

The mountains in the Philippines, with over 7,000 islands, offer a diverse and breathtaking landscape. They boast unique trails, stunning views, and a rich biodiversity, making them appealing to outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.

What makes Mount Amuyao significant beyond its ranking among the country’s mountains?

Mount Amuyao, though ranked tenth, stands out due to its captivating beauty. The trails wind through lush forests and varied terrains, offering both seasoned hikers and beginners an immersive experience. Additionally, it holds cultural importance, with trails reflecting the history of indigenous communities.

How does Mount Pulag provide a unique hiking experience in the Philippines?

Mount Pulag, the third tallest mountain in the Philippines, is renowned for its stunning “sea of clouds” vista. The climb offers both seasoned climbers and beginners a visually captivating experience. The Ambangeg Trail, designed for accessibility, ensures a joyful ascent for hikers seeking adventure.

What sets Mount Kalawitan apart as a must-visit mountain in the Philippines?

Mount Kalawitan, the seventh tallest mountain, is a hidden gem in Palawan. It offers a serene escape for adventurers, showcasing untouched nature and diverse wildlife. Its trails provide a journey transcending physical exploration, fostering a deep connection with the environment and local culture.

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