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I'm Sam Anillo, Your Best SEO Specialist from PH

Making Best SEO Content Strategy From Philippines

I help Digital Agencies and Startup Business Owners by serving as a Senior SEO Manager, overseeing your clients, SEO Campaigns, and Google Ads.

I am delighted to provide you with top-notch services at a fraction of the cost, along with daily updates and reporting.

Sam Anillo
Sam Best SEO Philippines

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How I Can Help

Partnering with Sam SEO King is like having a digital dagger at your disposal.

I will assist you in conquering search rankings and witnessing your business exceed its objectives. Here’s the way I make it happen:

We'll start by auditing your website for free

Website audit is essential to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Identifying areas for improvement enhances performance, user experience, and overall functionality.

This analysis lays the groundwork for effective strategies, ensuring your website aligns with industry standards and meets user expectations, ultimately driving success and growth.

Create a content strategy & implement it aggressively

Build a compelling content strategy and pursue it proactively for a strong online presence. This guarantees meaningful and relevant content, driving audience engagement.

A dedicated implementation fosters increased visibility, brand recognition, and sustained success in the competitive digital landscape, nurturing growth and customer loyalty over time.

Digital Services

Website Audit

Unlike other agencies, Sam SEO Philippines provides a complimentary web audit, a service for which many agencies typically charge.

This allows clients to identify areas for improvement on their website without incurring any additional costs.

On Page Optimization

After auditing the website and presenting our findings to you, we will also proceed to update and optimize your content regularly.

Meta tags might be of an incorrect length, redirects may be present, or duplicate content that needs fixing.

Content Strategy

82% of marketers use content marketing, 10% don't, and 8% are unsure. Adding a competitor analysis to your tailored content strategy will make it even more effective.

Knowing how competitors are doing in the market gives valuable insights for a targeted approach.


We prioritize your content strategy by determining what to post first, creating pages for your website, and publishing optimized blog posts 3-4 times a week.

Word Press Development

If you are a startup business planning to have an affordable yet powerful website to uplift your brand, we offer services including domain hosting and basic web development.

SEO should not be as costly as you think it is with Quality and High Conversion Rate at your fingertips.

I Deliver Measurable Results

Let's start making results for your business website

In 90 working days, starting this spring, we will make significant changes to your website. We will reoptimize, upgrade, and reindex all pages that need updating.

After 90 days, we will recalibrate the strategy based on the data and analytical reports provided by Google.

Sam Busy SEO Philippines
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What My Clients Say


He Knows What He's Doing

Sam no longer requires explicit instructions; he intuitively comprehends and efficiently executes tasks with confidence. His self-directed competence enhances workflow, making him a reliable and effective collaborator for the required assignments.

Trish Shelton
CEO, Travel 195

Working with Sam was our smartest decision

We need to redirect our budget towards marketplace development and focus solely on website development. Otherwise, we may have to let go of Sam, but his attitude and work values significantly impact how the team functions today. We admire his working skills and look forward to seeing him soon as we finally launch our marketplace website.

Stefan Stumpp
CEO, Spondise LLC

Very aggressive in learning and passionate about SEO

Working with Sam was so rewarding. He is very aggressive in learning and passionate about SEO. He is always available when you need him.

Janelle Basa
Project Manager, Meadu Digital